See The Cars Meet The Teams

Avatar tecthis | August 10, 2017

However our participants chose to modify their cars, we can always appreciate when they choose to express themselves through the cars that they build. goldRush Rally is a cut above the rest and the people and vehicles that join our adventure march to the beat of their own drum. After all, diversity is what makes a family interesting. Have a look at the teams assembled for goldRush Rally GRX our 10 Year Anniversary event “The Promised One”.

TEAM #01 – Team Salamone

TEAM #02 – Team HellBee

TEAM #03 – Team LitusMaximus

TEAM #04 – Team Lit Fam

TEAM #06 – Team Mile High Club

TEAM #08 – Team Panda

TEAM #09 – Team HuRAWcan

TEAM #13 – Team Lucky13